SAN and backup solutions for growing your business agility

Reduce storage costs and increase data availability with HP storage solutions from Network Magic. As Southern California’s local source for IT products and services, Network Magic provides the attention, expertise and accessibility your business deserves, plus access to HP’s rich hardware, software, and service solutions.

Drive down SAN costs and eliminate data unavailability with HP SAN Solutions 

Scale SAN capacity and performance without disruption to ongoing applications. HP SANs offer efficient storage utilization, optimized performance, simple management, and cost-effective disaster recovery. HP SANs also deliver the performance and features required to simplify storage, provide application high availability, and scale your storage while it remains online.

  • Consolidate multiple storage nodes into pools of shared storage with scale-out storage clustering
  • Eliminate single points of failure with network RAID that stripes and protects multiple copies of data across a cluster of storage nodes
  • Get multi-site availability with storage nodes in different racks, rooms, buildings, and cities, and automatically failover or failback across sites
  • Allocate space only when data is being written, without requiring pre-allocation for storage, raising the overall utilization and efficiency of the HP SAN
  • Achieve tight integration with the storage management functions of VMware and Microsoft applications